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April 16, 2013

A Running Battle

Earlier, I was eager to settle in with my laptop and give you the rundown of yesterday’s kick-ass race but after today’s tragic event, I don’t really know what to do or say. I’m still speechless with a permanent knot in my throat from an afternoon of choking back tears, haunted by the news that hit a little too close to home. The sense of accomplishment I experienced as I crossed the More/FITNESS Half finish line has been stripped and the strength I felt as my legs seemed to float across the hillier-than-I-remember Central Park has been depleted. I’m stunned, disgusted, sick to my stomach and angry because a selfless act of terror has forever changed the sport’s arguably most iconic event.

_DSC1015_DSC1018 My running partner-in-crime _DSC1019

I, like so many fellow athletes, run for that sense of freedom you feel when you reach your “happy pace.” It’s a rhythmic escape from both the good and the bad with a healing power unlike anything else. After the Boston Marathon bombing, that haven has been altered…challenged. The finish line is where our family members band together to cheer us on. It’s where we truly turn on the jets to test our body. It is there where we learn if the blood, sweat and tears we endured in training really paid off before setting goals for the next–a hopeful end to a new beginning. I felt better than ever yesterday, pushing myself to shatter my 2:03:18 Vegas race for a new PR of 1:47:23 but today’s frantic texts to friends and family put everything into perspective. My heart goes out to those in Beantown. I pray for the running community’s strength and perseverance. God knows, it’s one group that doesn’t and won’t give up without a fight.

Sprinkled with Love,

April 8, 2013

Spring Has Sprung

Price Pritchett (who the hell is he? I couldn’t tell you!) once said, “Change always comes bearing gifts.” That’s why I adore spring. After months of brisk, blustery weather and corresponding drab ensembles, I welcome the turn in temps. I mean, I’ve been in heaven en route to work each day, sporting my sunnies, boat shoes and pastels, soaking up that vitamin D and taking a whiff of cheerful, potted daffodils. I feel like I’ve been a grinning goon, but luckily I’m not alone. The city is buzzing! This weekend I embraced the gifts change has already given me, alongside the exciting “presents” that await in my near future. Let’s just say they include a two bedroom with two baths, a gorgeous kitchen that will be sure to store any appliance my heart desires (wish list: juicer) and a walk-in closet Carrie Bradshaw would approve of. Granted, it will showcase my sneaker collection…not Loubs. Eeeee!

IMG_4217IMG_4390photophoto copy IMG_4432IMG_4437

No dotted lines have been signed just yet but I’m glad to say that after Saturday, we’re one step closer to a big move. Yes, it’s a bit depressing to think my city slicker days are already coming to an end. I’ve caught myself sulking as I savor every last Manhattan sunset and even wandering through yucky Times Square during prime tourist rush. A girl’s afternoon full of mani/pedis, shopping and lunch at Cafeteria with my gal pal, Allie, today further made me realize my love for the convenience and excitement NYC provides with its endless opportunities for all things fun. But after getting a taste of a different gorgeous view full of seagulls, sailboats and even a distant city skyline, I have a different outlook on what’s next. All-you-can-eat sushi just minutes away? That’s going to be dangerous. Stamford’s new Chelsea Piers outfitted with a FlyWheel, women’s hockey and lacrosse pick-up games, alongside tennis courts, gym, etc.? Holy heaven. Oh, and a Zara without New York State tax? Welp, see you never, paycheck. So yeah, things were put into perspective this weekend, to say the least. The city isn’t going anywhere…I’ll still be here Monday through Friday for work! Plus, did I mention some of my closest people are in that area? That may be the greatest gift of them all.
What are your thoughts on change?

Sprinkled with Love,

March 13, 2013

Snow Daze

Spring is just a week a way and although I’ve been loving the longer days (not to mention look forward to reintroducing pretty pastels/florals back into my attire,) this past weekend I embraced the last of the cold white stuff for a wintery weekend. A 6-mile morning run with my Mandi along the shoreline was the perfect precursor to a trip up north to VT with the family. Sunshine, 40-degree temps and amazing conditions for the last board of the season…is there anything better? I feel like I was sporting a toothy grin all Sunday as I cut through the buttery slopes. I was in my happy place. Let’s just say my legs are still feeling that burn. And I like it.

My main man and his gals

I may have returned to the city last night, but my mind and heart are still slowly road trippin’ it back from the Green Mountain State. Can you blame me?
Are you ready for spring?

Sprinkled with Love,

March 31, 2011

Spring Training

Spring is in the air and boy, am I glad…I’m so sick of the treadmill and can’t wait to make the shift to outdoor jogs for good! To compliment my cheery state of mind with the change in weather, I decided to put together my favorite workout picks for spring training. As you can see there is a theme. Don’t these colors just shout, “USE ME (and be thrilled to be doing so…)?” I don’t know about you, but I think the hot pink and bright cerulean combo is simply energizing.

1. ALO Women’s Workout Mesh Inset Tank, $44
2. Nike Tempo Track Women’s Running Shorts, $28
3. Vibram FiveFingers Women’s Jaya (white/grey/purple), $85
4. Apple iPod Nano, 8GB $149, 16GB $179
5. Nathan Shadow Pak, $20
6. Nike Free Run Spark/Copa/Pure Platinum/White, $84.99
7. Pilayo® Clear Blue Braid Headband, $12
8. Moving Comfort Alexis Bra, $33.99

Lesson of the day: you can exercise and look cute while doing so (sweaty and all)! You will feel more confident and motivated by the new ensemble you’re rockin’ so ditch your raggedy old gym clothes and splurge on some bright new pieces to add to your collection. PS: I am saving up for a pair of Vibram FiveFingers. I’ve heard such great things, especially for half marathon training, plus they look just plain wacky and fun. What are your thoughts on the innovative footwear?

Sprinkled with Love,

March 21, 2011

Leprechaun 5-Miler

Yesterday was the first day of spring. Yay, finally! I celebrated by participating in the Leprechaun 5-miler with my old roomie and fellow blogger, Emily, and her bf. It was a bit windy along the water but still fairly warm, compared to today’s snow we are experiencing (as I type) in Connecticut…

It was great to get together, exercise and enjoy the sunshine, not to mention support the Exchange Club’s national mission, Child Abuse Prevention and programs of service, in which all race proceeds went to.

The relatively flat course started at the Madison Surf Club and winded alongside the Long Island Sound on Middle Beach Road. Our goal was to run 9 minute splits, yet we ended in roughly (we’ll have to check our official time online once they are posted…) 42:20! Fine with that!

All in all, the 5 mile race was a great way to celebrate St. Patty’s Day weekend and the first day of spring! Let’s just hope that the weather starts acting like it is supposed to. Don’t you like our green? Special shout out and thanks for those who suggested some great jams for my run! Couldn’t have done it without ya! How are you celebrating spring and the warmer weather?

Sprinkled with Love,