For quite some time now I’ve been curious about tempeh. I have come close to purchasing it on multiple occasions but have been hesitant, unsure how to prepare it or if I’d even like it to begin with (some textures weird me out). After my ever-so random final exam week eating habits, I needed a hearty meal last night to help me recuperate and took it upon myself to tackle tempeh once and for all.

I decided to keep it relatively simple to make sure I liked the soy product instead of making a dish revolving around a key ingredient I wasn’t keen on. 

I followed the “TO FRY” directions on the label…easy peasy lemon squeezy! Look at all that protein! Like.

To start, I thinly sliced up the tempeh while heating up some olive oil and soy sauce in a large skillet.

For flavor purposes, I minced a garlic clove and added it into the pan. Great decision on my part because these babies aren’t too flavorful…not that that’s a bad thing, they take on flavor well!

I then sautéed the strips until golden brown – FYI the thinner the tempeh, the crispier. Tada! The perfect salad toppers or even throw these nuggets into a vegetarian wrap. Mmmm! LightLife has a lot of different tempehs I cannot wait to test out. Also, their website features a bunch of appetizing recipes that caught my eye so report back for more on that!   

Dinner last night = tempeh and oven roasted cauliflower. Not the most cohesive meal but still hit the spot. Thanks for being patient with me and my lack of posts the last week or so. Exams/final projects this semester were KILLER! But guess what? I am officially on SUMMER BREAK so Sprinkled with Love will be in full gear. Hip-hip-hooray for summer food and BBQs!
Are you a tempeh fanatic? If so, what is your favorite way of preparing it? Any fun recipes to share? 

Sprinkled with Love,


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