A 143 Reunion

I was nervous to head back to the city after a few months of being home. I had gotten quite comfortable being back in the same house I had lived in since I was six-years-old, enjoyed the company of my parents and sister and even grew to love the whole “broke and bored” thing. It had been a while since I figured out train times or caught a cab, had to pay attention to streets/avenues or was truly concerned about the cost of city living but here I am, back in the Big Apple and it feels like I never left.

The last time my college roomies were altogether was before graduation. Let’s just say reuniting with my 143 girlies (143 was our condo number…pretty cute, right?) was long overdue so when Allie texted us all that she received four Yankees tickets and special access to fancy, schmancy lounges courtesy of work, we unanimously marked the date on our calendars. As you can see by all of our Yankee garb, we’re huge fans…

After enjoying the Mohegan Sun Sports Bar and hiding out from the weather during the rain delay, we headed to our royal treatment seats so we could discuss what players were good looking and continue to catch up. Um, I mean cheer the home team on to their victory. Right behind home plate. No biggie.

Summer stories were swapped, employment matters were discussed, some reminiscing took place and, of course, all our chatter was accompanied by too many laughs. We had a blast.

A few beers later (red wine for me…yep, I’m THAT gluten-free girl who doesn’t get a brewski at a sporting event), we headed out. G made the trip back to Connecticut while Al, Tay and I ventured back to Mike’s apartment for a slumber party. Oh, come on…we’re not too old just yet for pillow talk, popcorn and a little Chelsea Lately.

Well, I bet we’ll never grow out of that…and I give that a big, thumbs up “like.”

Sprinkled with Love,

PS: Thanks again, Al!


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